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We can supply Everlasting Flower Arrangements and Designs to the following: Hotels, Bars and Restaurants, Car dealerships, Hairdressers, Health and Beauty Clinics’, Local Government, Property Marketing Suites, Religious Organisations, Universities and Schools and Health Sectors.

Create a unique, low-maintenance, natural space with long lasting decoration solutions.

At the time of thinking about the decoration with plants or in floral art creations, the main problem in buildings and interior spaces is the lack of direct light and the need of watering, care or continuous reposition when the plant wilts or deteriorates.

This problem disappears thanks to preserved trees and plants for interiors. Preservation is a completely natural conservation method that allows plants to keep their original look and texture for an exceptionally long time. They really look like live plants, that, nevertheless, don’t need any kind of care. With only minimal maintenance to eliminate dust, they keep their natural look for years.

The goal is to enable you to enjoy the advantages and atmosphere of a natural beauty with an optimum balance between ease-of-use and economy.

We understand that your company’s brand – its image, tone and personality – is immensely important. Brand is what sets you apart and makes your business unique. We believe that tastefully selected corporate flowers can enhance your company’s personality, naturally.

We believe your interior space is far more then just a physical space, but rather an asset that can drive excellent business performance.

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