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Celebrations are made of preserved dreams and beautiful flowers!

There are no celebrations without flowers, and there is nothing more beautiful than flowers preserved with tender, love, and care. We all wish to remember all our life events and moments for years to come. Combining unexpected natural ingredients with a vision to deliver luscious, vibrant, and bespoke floral creations our dried and preserved botanicals are the unique alternative to traditional fresh flowers that remain the ideal gift for our loved ones or a treat for our own soul.

They will remind us of forgotten memories months, years later and make the rest of our day beautiful!

Our floral arrangements are less pretentious and more emotional. Each arrangement is created, and nature inspired keeping in mind your requirements and occasion. We are here to revive the lost enthusiasm over holidays, the forgotten happy times during celebrations, and the waves of laughter spent over good food and wine. These arrangement designs come from the deepest corners of a florist’s mind. It reflects the bright love and care they feel for these gifts of nature and mould them into something awe-inspiring.

Preserved with Care

While fresh flowers look beautiful, dried, and preserved flowers feel beautiful. There is nothing as beautiful as creations made from something that has love, emotions, and memories attached to them. At AnomiS flower creations, we try to recreate beautiful memories associated with flowers to make your celebrations one of the memorable days of your life.

We love a bunch of fresh flowers as much as bees love their pollen but watching those pretty stems wilt away after a few days is the type of mourning we want to offer some reprieve from with a little help from our flower studio Anomis based in North London.

By going for dried and preserved floral creations, you not only contribute to the environment and sustainable growth but also getting a unique and natural looking arrangement for your celebrations or flower fantasies. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, dried and preserved flower bouquets make it extra special!

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